Distraction Therapy

If you are a parent, you're probably familiar with the term distraction therapy. It's a great tool for getting a child's mind off of a painful procedure or to redirect them from engaging in a negative behavior. In these situations, distraction can be a good thing.

For a writer sitting at her desk with the goal of meeting her daily word count, distraction can mean many hours of wasted time and energy. The biggest distraction we face is often the Internet with all its pretty shiny things.

If you find yourself challenged by the abundant diversions of this digital age, there are tools available to help keep you focused, while you work. For example, Freedom will shut down your internet access for a set time period. Whereas, if you need to use the Internet for research and only need help staying off Twitter, FaceBook, and other social media sites, you can use Anti-Social.

For additional suggestions on apps to manage your time and keep you focused, check out "9 apps to shut up the Internet and get back to work" by Damon Brown