Publishing Nonfiction?

Would you like a simple, direct approach 
to creating your book proposal? 

Take a look at the suggestions of Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of The Weekend Book Proposal, in this article 3 Questions to Ask When Writing a Book Proposal.

Debut Author!

Congratulations to debut author Jamie Black
for the release of his first book. 

Surrender is Jamie's first novel
and dives into the realm of pain and pleasure.  
It is a tale of romance, passion,
and finding the need to surrender.

Distraction Therapy

If you are a parent, you're probably familiar with the term distraction therapy. It's a great tool for getting a child's mind off of a painful procedure or to redirect them from engaging in a negative behavior. In these situations, distraction can be a good thing.

For a writer sitting at her desk with the goal of meeting her daily word count, distraction can mean many hours of wasted time and energy. The biggest distraction we face is often the Internet with all its pretty shiny things.
If you find yourself challenged by the abundant diversions of this digital age, there are tools available to help keep you focused, while you work. For example, Freedom will shut down your internet access for a set time period. Whereas, if you need to use the Internet for research and only need help staying off Twitter, FaceBook, and other social media sites, you can use Anti-Social.

For additional suggestions on apps to manage your time and keep you focused, check out "9 apps to shut up the Internet and get back to work" by Damon Brown

Great advice from a legend. 
Thank you, Mr. Steinbeck!

Today, I came across this short, quirky article, which offers a fresh perspective on what every writer knows:

Sit in chair and write.

Are you looking for your next romantic read? 
Try this one. 
It's one of my favorites by 
the talented and charming, Southern writer Meda White.

Check out this collection of stories, which includes Book One from Sylvia McDaniel's newest series, Scandalous Suffragette Brides.
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